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How to lead a team (and thrive) in a fast-changing world

A lot is happening in the world: we are feeling the affect-effects of a global pandemic, a luring economic crisis, and political upheaval. Gallup reports in their latest Global Emotions Report that in 2021 people worldwide felt more worried, stressed and sad than at any time in the past 16 years.

The findings from recent research from LifeWorks and Deloitte demonstrate that senior leaders have been experiencing extraordinary strain: 82% percent reported exhaustion indicative of burnout risk, with the top stressor (68%) being an increase in work volume compared to pre-pandemic.

Join this open conversation with Serena Martino, Business & Leadership Coach that concentrates her work on supporting Tech leaders. We will discuss how to deal with a sense of being overwhelmed and how to better organise yourself + your team’s way of working.

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