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The rise and the future of Chief Well-being Officers

Gen Z and Millenials constitute nearly half of the workforce today, and the number will only rise in the future. According to Gallup, the number 1 thing they look for in an employer is that the organization cares about employees' well-being.

As the demand for well-being at work increases, which member of the leadership team will hold end responsibility? Deloitte appointed its Chief Well-being Officer in 2015. Since the pandemic, many companies have recruited and promoted leaders into well-being management roles. Who are these professionals shaping the future of work? What are their main challenges and their main responsibilities?

Watch this open conversation with Simon Arthur, Founder at Sanatio that helps companies hire well-being leaders. We will discuss the latest trends he is seeing in the corporate world and how the demand for well-being is shaping the future of work.

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